Workplace collaboration means bringing varied talents with different skills and knowledge to perform together as a team, learning new things from each other and achieve goals at high performance.

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The flexible container for work context

All relevant information, documents, and conversations kept in context by a card. Eliminate the need for search and simplify the coordination of tasks between team members in a natural way

Document Groups

Relevant documents structured your way

When the number of work-related documents grows, you can organize them into groups to maintain a better overview. Move groups up and down, collapse and expand them preserve your personal work focus.

Card Activity Stream

Live stream of the current and traceability of work at once

KanBo offers an unprecedented level of clarity and transparency of what’s happening around work. You and your team narrate your work as you are performing on it – KanBo lets you Work Out Loud with any action or comment by creating a stream of it. Each card holds space for all the information you need to successfully complete it. How did we get here, and what was done, when, by whom? All these questions are answered within seconds by the Card Activity Stream.


Keep up an effective communication with others in context of work

Get the right people involved into the conversations around work by actively letting them know that they are being talked about. Facilitate precise communication with relevant people and exchange information faster because everyone is always looking at the same set of information in context. Enjoy your day without emails.

Todo Lists

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small todos

Organize work visually with drag & drop. Start breaking down work into smaller todos, sort them, group them as you continue to shape the plan how to get it done. Mark todos as you completed so others will be notified of progress. Feel the constant visibility and transparency as your team progresses together effortlessly.

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